• Wrought Iron

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    Are you wanting the classic, sophisticated and beautiful look of wrought iron fencing for your home or business?

    We don’t blame you. Wrought iron fences will never go out of style and they look absolutely fantastic.

    Not only does it look really good for a long time, it lasts a very long time. In fact when you install a steel fence it will probably be the last installation that home will need during your lifetime. And more than likely your fence will be around a lot longer than you will.

    Our wrought iron fencing is either fabricated by us or we use one of our suppliers. We can install your standard 1 inch picket panels or we can custom fabricate panels to get the look and feel you want.

    With our steel fences you have the option of getting them painted or powder coated. While powder coating will cost more per linear foot of fence, the extra costs will provide a better looking and longer lasting finish. We highly recommend powder coating because you will be happier with the finished product and it will require much less maintenance compared to paint. While every wrought iron fence we have installed has been black there are other color options. However, do keep in mind that black is the standard color for this type of fence and will never go out of style.

    There are also a variety of caps for the pickets and adornments to choose from as well. Your fence can be as simple and clean or as ornate as you want.

    We manufacture and install wrought iron gates too, including custom automatic gates.

    Give us a call today to discuss your need for a new wrought iron fence. Our bids are always free, accurate and fast.

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